Photography is my other passion. I used to take pictures using a digital SLR, but since I re-discovered the joy of film a few years ago, I felt captivated by the magical charm of analogue photography.

Most of my photography is quite personal, in the sense that I shoot keeping in mind nothing but my own feelings about one place, one object, one idea or one person.

My two favorite cameras are the LOMO LC-A and the Olympus XA. Nevertheless, I also enjoy shooting with other compact, SLR, medium format and Polaroid cameras. And now and then, also with my trusty Canon EOS 450D and my iPhone.

Below there is a sample of my pictures. You can find more on Lomography, flickr, 500px and Instagram. And, of course, don't hesitate to visit my Twitter.

I am a regular contributor to the Lomography Magazine, where I also perform some editorial tasks. Several of my pictures were featured on the Lomography City Guide Berlin. You can also read about my recent solo exhibition "Think analogue!" by clicking here (in Spanish).