I am a Pharmacist, I got a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and I currently work as a postdoc at the group of Prof. S. Rudaz in the Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry lab, University of Geneva.

My current research focuses on a new approach to interface capillary electrophoresis with mass spectrometry detection, with the aim to push many of the limitations of this versatile hyphenatied technique apart.

I developed my PhD work in the group Heterocycles of Biological Interest, led by Prof. J. Carlos Menéndez and Prof. M. A. Martín. My previous background comprises the optimization of liquid chromatography methods, fundamental studies on HPLC separations, and the development of analytical strategies to study topoisomerase I inhibitors derived from luotonin A, keeping in mind the minimization of environmental impact of the techniques.

I am used to work on liquid chromatography and on fluorescence spectroscopy techniques. I have also worked on the development of enzimatic and cell-culture assays.

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